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Third generation in the business….and still
being laughed at!

Hear What Our Sponsors are BRAYING” About Us!

“You all know how to help a community succeed! As a professional Public Relations Coordinator, you all are some of the best marketers for an event like this I have ever seen. Thank you for making it so easy and fun.” – Jen L. ND

“We had a very good turn out. We look forward to doing it again in the future. Everyone had a wonderful time. Thank you!” Heather, IL

“Wonderful experience!!! We are planning on a fundraiser with you next year, just waiting on my school calendar.” Jan, TX

“You all know how to help a community succeed! As a professional Public Relations Coordinator, you all are some of the best marketers for an event like this I have ever seen. Thank you for making it so easy and fun.” – Jen L. ND

“Dairyland does a wonderful job and they are soooo easy to get along with thanks and keep up the good work.” “It’s an easy fundraiser that gives back to the community” “It’s a great family event that is still very reasonable for large families” Tanya, MN

“Excellent Experience – looking forward to next year!” Kathleen, IL

“From the parents to the students, everyone was very pleased!” Connie, MO

“Always great to work with and very helpful. Look forward to working with you again. We will definitely be doing another show with you. Thank you for all of your help.” Kelly, IA

“Enjoyed and hope to host another one in near future.” Chris, AR

“From the parents to the students, everyone was very pleased!” Connie, MO

“Billy was very helpful and enjoyable to work with. We appreciated his support and manner. Donkey basketball was a huge success and we look forward to hosting another event. Thank you so much!” Jennifer, MN

“We had a great experience with your business and had a great turnout for our event. We will utilize your business again for future fundraising events.” Jeff, ND

“Love working with you guys!!” Terri, WI

“John was really nice and fun to work with and he made everything go so smooth. He was on time and very well mannered.. I would love to work with him and donkey ball again sometime and refer it to others.” Carla, TX

“Nothing but the highest regards and respect for Dairyland Donkey Ball. Professional, easy to work with, and they genuinely care for their animals.” Ryan, WI

“It was the biggest event to hit our community in a long time! It was a wonderful, family friendly show that people were thrilled to be a part of. We are looking forward to another show in the future!” “I have already had 2 requests for your contact information and was very confident in recommending your company.” “Thank you for being so courteous and easy to work with. Your advertising package takes the guesswork out of how to promote the show and makes it simple and easy to advertise. From start to finish we were very pleased with the entire process and hope to do it again at a future date.” Shelagh, KS

“I have done Donkey Basketball 3 times now. This was by far the best show of them all! CJ did a wonderful job and the crowd loved him. I received a lot of positive feedback and the event was written up in two different local papers. We will definitely do this again!”
Kathy, MN

“Thank you for finding a time to squeeze us in on such late notice. We appreciate your efforts and hope you had a good time while you were here with us. The evening was a fun-filled evening. This was the last event we had prior to being told that our school will not be in operation next year. There have been a lot of budget cuts throughout the state of Kansas and our school board decided to cut our program due to these cuts. I am so glad we hosted this event, it was a great way to let people know what we are all about. Thank you for the opportunity.” Sheila, KS

“Everything was excellent. People are still talking about how fun this event was to have and how bad there ribs hurt afterwards from laughing so hard. I am so glad we went with your company you were very accommodating and helpful when ever i needed a question answered. I was surely an event I am sure they are not going to wait 20+ years again to have. I have nothing but good things to say about our experience with Dairyland Donkey Basketball.” Kari, MN

“Great Experience. A lot of hard work! You guys are very organized and well maintained which helps a whole bunch. I was pleased with the host and thought he did a great job. Your company had the best customer service out of any that I prospected before booking. Thank You so much.” Amanda, OK

“It was great, looking forward to another fun event next year!” Shelby, OK

“I love it! Best fundraiser I’ve ever done (and I HATE fundraisers!) :)” Sharon, TX

“We had nothing but positive feedback after our event! The community loved it!! From the first phone call, Dairyland was a pleasure to work with. Every person I spoke to or interacted with was courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful. We were provided with all necessary materials to promote and conduct the event. The unit manager was extremely helpful in calming my last minute nerves. He answered every question I had and even ones I hadn’t thought of yet. I would highly recommend Dairyland Donkey Ball to other groups.” Kelly, OK

“Our experience with your company was excellent… We had so much fun and lots of laughs. We plan on hosting it again next year and we will be sure to book it with your company and we would recommend you to any organization. Thank you so much for all that you done to help make it a success… Thanks!” Lori, TX

“Our overall experience has been wonderful! This was our second show with Dairyland Donkey Ball. The only comments we had from our audience was that the first year was funnier. Billy put on the 2010 show and did a great job interacting with our riders and the crowd! C.J. was very professional and easy to work with this year. You have been a great help to us in our fund raising efforts. We are planning to have a donkey basketball game again in 2013. Thank you!” Holly, IL

“The overall event was excellent and one of the more enjoyable fund raisers we have done!” “The crowd really enjoyed the show. The comments we received were excellent. The free donkey rides where a big hit.” Robert, MN

“Promised promotional materials arrived on time and in the quantity I requested. Answers always answered very quickly and all special requests accommodated. Your Manager arrived promptly, was easy to work with and made prompt and accommodating decisions on all issues as to space, seating, etc. that came up. It was obvious that he went out of his way to make sure the performance was fun and exciting and engaged the riders. I have nothing but praise for him and would hire him again in a minute. I am not going to be the advisor of this club next year but I will certainly recommend you to the new advisor. We already have staff and students asking if they can ride next year.” Julie, WI

“I have received many thank you’s and great comments from the spectators and also the riders. Everything went as planned and would do it again.” Nick, MN

“I have worked with your company for several years now and recommend you to other groups all the time. It is easy to work with you. It would be nice to be able to get late spring or early fall dates for the shows.” Mark, MN

“It was a pleasure working with everyone at Dairyland Donkey Ball. We look forward to working with them in the future!” Chris, WI

“We were very pleased. It was our first time with you and it was easier this time than it was other times with other companies. We have discussed in meetings that everyone would like to use you next time.” Matthew, MO

“Excellent response from our community. We plan to do this every event every other year.” Joel, WI



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