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You are supporting your fellow citizens and local economies by purchasing these products for your vehicle through our website.   is made in the USA and we are Wisconsin residents.

Do rising gas, diesel, and other fuel prices have you frustrated?  Be proactive and do something about it now!  Try using INC.'s fuel additives to extend your fuel mileage and/or lubricate your entire vehicle from the engine to the rear end with INC.'s synthetic engine oils, synthetic transmission fluids, and synthetic gear lubes.  Increase your fuel mileage and save money today!


Fuel Additives - can improve fuel mileage up to 5%, now that's a great return on your investment.  Get more horsepower out of your engine as well.

Extended Life Engine Oils - 7,500 , 25,000 , and 35,000 mile service intervals available.  Saves time, money and the environment!

Automatic & Manual Transmsisions - Why not give your transmission the best protection it can get?  WIX transmission fluid filters are available as well.

Severe Gear Lube, everyday drivers to racers/off-roaders.  Whether you are just going from here to there or are behind the wheel of a serious high performance machine, you should know that those gears are well taken care of.

Nanofiber Technology in every Ea Filter.  We offer 100,000 mile service intervals for air filters, just vaccum them regularly, and 25,000 mile service intervals for your engine oil. WIX, Twin Air PowerSports and Donaldson filters available as well.
Don't go another day without fighting rising fuel prices!
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